Monday, July 23, 2007


Yellowstone, Wyoming.

Brace yourselves, this is going to be one long blog and hopefully a good once since I need to redeem myself after that sad Montana blog. We were in Wyoming the majority of the time. We kept going to a state and then going back to Wyoming. Our first stop was Grand Teton National Park. We only had 30 minutes there so we were running around like crazy.

Its hard to tell but PB was super angry.

They have a museum too! I spent hours in the one at Fishermens Wharf.

I wish there were film festivals here.

That arch is made entirely of bone. Then we went to this place with all these hot springs. They were really cool. The waters all boiling and its really clear.

I know what you're thinking, "I'm sick of this girl making that face all the time!" but would you honestly rather be looking at this

or this

I think not, and besides it was really cold.

Hot hitchhikers! I think one of them might've been a girl though. It was hard to tell. They both could've been girls, but I'm just going to pretend they were guys. Then we went to see Old Faithful. There were so many people waiting there!
It was freezing. Me and Diana saw these really hot guys at the next bench over and we were trying to take photos of them but it didn't really work out and then the next thing we knew, this huge lumberjack family freaking sat next to us and I smiled at one of them and he just glared back.

We waited there for forever.

Almost there...
It really was amazing. Definently worth the wait. Then we finally got to eat. I saw the most attractive guy there! He reminded me of that Chicken Little guy that was on American Idol. Remember him? Well anyways, his name was Brian and he was the cashier and on his name tag it said Brian Minnesota but I don't think that was his last name.

They had this huge condiment bar! They seriously had everything. I wanted to steal like 20 packets of ranch dressing but Diana and me just took a million packs of Ritz crackers.
We stayed at Dude Motel and uh dude, don't ever go there.

Look how dark it is out there. They had us get up at 6 every morning. Not cool.

This looks like its from a horror movie. Attack of the Bison! Or is that Buffalo?

Thats Buffalo crap. It was huge.

I'm getting the look of death from PB there.

We spent the night at Best Western. We went swimming again. Well we were going to but then our tour guide saw us and told us how he heard somebody was complaining about how dirty the pool was so we just went to the hot tub instead. They had the hottest concierge except he wasn't very nice. They had a computer by the front door and we went to check our facebooks/myspaces. Haha.

They had free breakfast though and that's always a good thing. They even had a waffle maker.
I told Diana to run back in and steal some doughnuts.
Then she went back to sleep.

Then we went to Devil's Tower which is located in the northeastern part of Wyoming. I'm going to steal some info from our itinerary "Its known for its monolith..." nevermind. Its pretty boring.

Those rocks were so hard to climb.

We stopped at a gas station and Diana bought some candy. I snapped a photo of some boy sitting next to us. Oh, and we saw some super hand dryer. Haha.

We went to the most amazing motel on our last day in Wyoming. I loved it! It was so pretty and we had our own balcony and there was a pool right by the lobby that me and Diana went to. We just went to the hot tub and this really attractive janitor named Dave helped us turn on the jets because Diana was too chicken shit to press the button.
Then we headed to Independence Rock.

I spy PB!

You would think that person behind Diana is me but it so isn't. I thought it was me for the longest time though. I have no idea who that girl is. That rock was really hard to climb too and it took forever to get off.

Okay, the end. If you actually read this entire blog, thank you, since I think this one is my favorite. Drop me a line, as always, no account necessary.

40 States to go.