Monday, October 30, 2006


Chicago, Illinois
So I figured I'd be able to visit all 50 states by the time I'm 30. The last one I went to was Illinois with a layover in Colorado over the summer.

We stayed in this hotel called Extended Stay America which I've never even heard of but now that I have, I keep seeing it everywhere. There was a whole kitchen thing in our room and they gave us pans and dishes and everything. How accomidating.

I know. Not the most flattering photos.

This guy randomly took my camera and took a photo of us. How nice. Oh and I'm wearing a t-shirt I bought in Colorado.

I was really annoyed at PB at the time so everytime she told me to take a photo, I didn't.

Yeah thats about all I took on our tour ride on the boat. We saw a building owned by Donald Trump and the buildings that were in Ferris Bueler's Day Off.

Of course I couldn't go to Chicago and not do some harmless stalking.

Random people of Illinois

Uh, some pretty thing I saw after the boat tour.

PB and her loverrman

This was right near this radio station and it was in a glass room so when you walked by you could see the radio personality talking. Pretty nifty.

I asked PB to take a photo for me and this is what happened

So when she asked me to take a photo for her...

And obviously we went to the Sears Tower.

Yeah thats about it. We had deep dish pizza twice. We went two days in a row and the waitress recognized us. Haha. There was only one pizza place in the entire area. How crazy is that? I thought there would be a bunch of them. Oh and before we left for the airport we bought some White Castle cheeseburgers.

Thirty of them actually. They got kind of gross after I ate like four.

Yeah thats about it. Then our flight got delayed by like four hours and we had to spend the night in the airport in Denver. It was fun. They wanted to check into a hotel but I begged them to stay in the airport. It was impossible to sleep though. It was really bright and loud noises kept coming out of no where. Yep.

43 states left to go.


Lahina, Maui, Hawaii

I went to Maui, Hawaii the summer before my sophmore year. I was a bit precarious when I heard we were going and if you've ever seen Blue Crush or Johnny Tsunami or some other Hawaii based movie, you'd know why.

Also I deleted a lot of the photos I took because I thought I had to many but now I wish I hadn't. There aren't a lot of photos anymore so yeah, work with me here.

One last note, I went to Hawaii the day after Warped Tour which is why my face is neon red. I got the worse sunburn of my life. Not fun. At all.

Gross. Look how shiny and red my face is. Even my eyelids are burnt. Well this is me and PB on the plane.

It was extremely humid when we got off. And as I'm sure all of you guys know, I have some psycho respritory thing going on and I thought I was gonna suffocate or something.

PB's friend who conviently drives a taxi, picked us up from the airport and we headed for her house. I got to hang out with her daughters Jing and An who (whom?) I hadn't seen ages.

I took this on my first day there. It looks like one of those computer backgrounds those pop ups keep nagging you to download doesn't it?

The next day we went to some hotel.

Honestly, I have no idea what we did on what day. I can't remember. I'm just judging on the different states of my sunburn to determin what the day was.

The day after that we went to this mountin. I can't remember what it was. I think it was the highest peak or something.

We also caught a movie. It was werid. I kept thinking we were going to be late and all the seats would be taken but Jing kept saying they would be plently of empty seats. Sure enough, when we got there, it was 98% empty despite the fact the movie was about to start in about a minute. It also smelled like cat urine. I guess the people there aren't as big on movies as we are. We saw Dark Water but I couldn't finish because we went on a submarine ride. Sadly this is the only photo I have from it. We were on the boat to get to the submarine. I had photos of us in the sub but I deleted them. You can probably tell what I was really trying to take a photo of.

On our last day there we went to a Luau/Buffet. We sat next to a table full of people from Italy. They were there for a wedding. I think they got really drunk unless Italians are really loud in general.

We also went to Outback Steakhouse. I'm sure PB would kill me if she found this photo posted on the internet. She hates bad photos of her.

Sometime between that I went snorkeling. I went under the water once and I was done. I didn't like knowing I could accidently squish a fish (it rhymes!) at any moment. The water in Hawaii is 50x more saltier than the water in California. It burned.

We also played miniture indoor golf with blacklights. It was fun. It was really dark inside with all these glowing things. PB has some photos of that on her computer. Perhaps I'll upload them onto here one day. Oh wait, I have a couple photos but not of us. I'll post one.

Random photos me and Jing took in the car. Notice how my face is all different colors.

And me and An.

43 states left to go.