Sunday, June 17, 2007


Middlekauf, Idaho

This is the beginning of my week long road trip with Diana, PB, my uncle, and a bus full of Asians. We woke up way to early and headed for San Mateo. Had I known we would be entering into a week full of cheap Chinese buffets and fast food, I probably would've packed all my meals. The bus had neck breaking chairs and too cold air conditioning.

First we went to Sacramento. Guess who we saw when we first got there?

None other than Ronald McDonald. He kept running around so it was hard to get a good photo of him. Mr. Schwarzenegger's office is right behind that door.

Then we spent the night in Nevada. The motel we stayed at was disgusting.

The first room had flickering lights and the bathroom had pubes all over the toilet and weird, bubbly toilet water. When we called the front desk to have them clean the bathroom up, they came up 20 minutes later with a key to another room. They didn't have any maid service. The second room at least had working lights and a cleaner bathroom but that’s about all. The sheets had cigarette burns and the towels were stained. I went swimming with Diana. We should've seen the signs that it wouldn't be a good idea. When we got down there, you needed a key to go in and we didn't have it with us and then a woman who worked there said we had to be accompanied with an adult to go in but then she came back and said it would be fine and a man hanging by the door let us use his key. I kept getting stray hairs stuck in my bracelets and the pool was so dirty, I was afraid I would catch some disease. Practically everybody in there was sunburned to the max and there was a pregnant woman in the hot tub and a middle aged man making out with some girl who looked like she should still be in high school.

We finally headed off for Idaho. Prior to going on this trip, I was talking to my friend and he asked where I was going. I named a couple of states and he said something along the lines of "snoozefest." He was so right. I've never slept so much in my life, or so less. Its hard to tell. We had to wake up at 5 every morning and we slept on the bus most of the time. There wasn't much scenery too look at anyways. We went to McDonald's for breakfast.

We went to eat lunch at a deli type place.
Then we went to Snake River Canyon.

A couple more hours of driving. We seriously spent 80% of the day on the bus.
For dinner they took us to some Chinese buffet place but me and Diana skipped it. Good thing since PB said the food was awful. We decided to take a million photos since we had the bus all to ourselves.


Oh, Napolean Dynamite was filmed in Preston, Idaho. Pretty cool. I didn't try any potatoes but I did see a potato factory on the way. That's about it. Sorry this blog was a bit boring but then again, so was Idaho.

42 states left to go. (Hah, it finally changed)