Saturday, November 25, 2006


Reno, Nevada

We, as in Me, PB and her loverman, Diana and her dad, drove to Nevada for Thanksgiving.

Edit: I forgo to mention on our way there while on the freeway we saw this huge sign that said "hi wanda. do you know that i love you?" Haha I thought it was adorable.

On the road

Diana fell asleep a lot.

Yes it was vital to post all those photos of us.

We stayed at Silver Legacy where we stayed last year as well. It was cool because I knew my way around and stuff. Haha.

We couldn't go to our rooms because the person who the reservations name was under wasn't there yet. So we went to this buffet place (go figure).

Then me and Diana went to Circus Circus and watched this Chinese woman ride a unicycle and throw bowls on her head.

Then we went to PB's friends room and harassed this little boy to take a photo with us.

More random photos from the hotel

The rest of the time me and Diana just stayed in the hotel room trying not to touch anything because everything we touched shocked us. Not fun.

Day 2 (Notice we're wearing the same thing we did the day before)

Then we left and drove to Tahoe and on our way we got chocolate milkshakes!

We went to Squaw Valley which has to be the prettiest place ever in Tahoe. I high recommend you go check it out if you're ever in that area. We went ice skating.

Diana looks like an Asian pop star in this one

But not in this one

I fell a couple times but not as much as this girl did. I would've taken more photos of her but I didn't' want her mother to think I was a lesbian pedophile or something.

After skating for like 3 hours we went to eat lunch at the restaurant above the rink.

On our way out we saw this tree that looked like it had eyes all over it.

Oh did I mention?

It was coldddddddddddddddddd.

Then we drove back to Daly City. Diana slept again

And we saw the sunset

We had dinner in Chinatown and when we went back to go to our car we couldn't find it

Then we saw this

But it was ok because we got it back after we paid them $300 for towing our car.

Thee End.

Oh and if you've read all the way to this point, feel free to leave a comment. No account necessary.

Oh and one last anecdote before you leave,

Last year when I went to Reno/Tahoe, before I left I thought "It would be so random if I ran into Terence Leung there without any prior knowledge that he was going to be there and what do you know, I ran into him everrrrrrywhere when I got there. And every time we saw each other we'd yell "stalker!" at each other. Haha. Yes. Ok I'm done.